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Riding with Freedom

If you love roads that twist, turn, and are sometimes technically challenging then you have come to the right place. Stopping along the way to smell the roses, as they say, or just to refuel both you and your bike, together you will have yourself a holiday to remember.

Guided European Motorcycle Tours

Why Choose Freedom?

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    We care about your holiday.

    We respect and care that this isnt just a motorcycle tour, it is your holiday. Our aim is to make your holiday with us as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.
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    Experienced guide on hand for the duration of your holiday.

    The tour guide is not just there to lead your tour but they are on hand to guide you to all the best coffee and lunch stops as well as all the best entertainment and eateries around your hotels each evening.
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    Drop off marker system.

    We welcome all levels of riding experience and the drop off marker system allows everyone to have a good time while travelling at their pace. This is a motorcycling touring holiday, it is not a race to the finish. This system allows you to travel throughout the day at the pace you are comfortable with.
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    Frequent breaks are important.

    We stop around every hour and half for either coffee, fuel, photos or just a little walk. Every biker will know that concentration and comfort are paramount when riding, frequent breaks even if it is a fuel stop is an opportunity just to take a break and stretch the legs, even if for a moment. It can make all the difference.
You just never know who you might me on a motorcycle tour

Its not just about motorcycles and roads

You never know who you might meet on a motorcycle tour.

Motorcycle touring around Europe is a special kind of freedom, but it is the friendships, the evening catch up and comradeship between fellow bikers that really makes a tour. Often it isn't the roads that people remember the most but the banter in the evening.
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Nothing like a hearty meal in the evening after a great days riding

Fuels stops dont just mean motorcycles

On holiday it isn't just about the daily activities, evening entertainment is also just as important. We know where all the best bars or restaurants around the hotels and coffee stops are so you dont have to worry. Just tell us what you fancy.
Mostar bridge

Sometimes the pictures just dont do it justice

Beautiful Places

There are some places in the world that you just have to visit yourself. Everyone loves to look at photos, but riding through the countryside and experiencing the culture is unbeatable. Standing in front of historical places and knowing the struggles that got us to today, it is these things that make up a tour.

The faces behind freedom

Come and meet the team. We are a family run business that love taking people on holiday throughout Europe.

Michael (Face) Prentice

Lead Motorcycle Guide & Co-owner

With a lot of help from my older brother Steve I rode my first motorcycle at the age of six and have never looked back. For my seventh birthday Steve had made me my own motorcycle and some 45 years later I still love biking with a passion.

I started racing grass track at the age of eleven and had a career lasting 20 years including being a race engineer with teams winning 3 British titles.

Throughout most of this time and to the present day I have had road bikes, enjoying track days and travelling whenever the opportunity has risen.

Having toured all over Europe with friends and with tour companies I decided to join all my passions together and formed Freedom Motorcycle Tours.

I am committed to helping fellow motorcycling enthusiasts find brilliant roads to travel. It is not just about being on the bike it is about exploring new countries and see what they have to offer, it’s about spending time with like-minded people. It’s about having fun.

I am continually trying to find new places to go, new places to stay and new things to see. Don’t stress though, I am very happy to repeat those trips that just seem to have it all. As a fellow enthusiast I find following the motorways a chore most of the time so where possible these are avoided.

Delwyn (Dee) Prentice

Tour Coordinator & Co-owner

Having grown up on a farm in rural New Zealand I never thought for one minute that one day I would be touring Europe on an MT10. Honda 175 was my mode of transport everywhere for years. After leaving home and going to University it was some 20 year till I got back to biking. Struggling with the concept of riding on the English roads, let alone European, I took a little Back to Biking Course. Feeling re-empowered I brought a MT09 Tracer. Big as it felt I was definitely more than comfortable spending long hours riding around seeing the world. To sharpen up my skills I enrolled in the local IAM group and passed my Advanced Motorcyclist Test. I dont think that you ever stop learning things and bike riding for me and seeing the world has definitely been an education. Over the last 5 years I have not only seen some amazing places but I have met new people that have developed into old friends. To me, that is biking.

Bike riding is that adventure for us. Whether it is new or old places, new or familiar faces, it is all about the journey along the way.

Now riding the MT-10:

Comfort - 10/10

Zippy - 10/10

Pretty - 8/10

All important things covered in my humble opinion.

An odd night out for us.

A little bit of Trail Riding never hurt....that much

You can take the girl out of the country but you cant take the country out of the girl. Born in rural South Island New Zealand, I grew on a farm in the middle of nowhere, bikes were the only way we were getting around. Now, although I love my MT10 and touring Europe, there is nothing like getting a little down and dirty on a trail ride.

"Why he chooses Freedom, They’re a great company, cover all aspects of customer requirements. Excellent hosts and basically a great laugh. Couldn’t imagine doing these type of tours with another company. We are one big family, friends all over the UK. Great roads, great people, great company and a massive laugh. Lets you forget about general life and concentrate on biking."

Stuart Ross
Jan 2019

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