New Touring Europe Motorcycle

Leading our fully guided European Motorcycle Tours for 6 months of the year you need a bike you can trust in.  Not only do you need to be comfortable in the seat but you need to be able to have a little fun along the way.  After much deliberation I have decided on a Yamaha MT10.  Mototechniks in Stowmarket have been awesome (  From their knowledge,  constant support and back up it was easy to make this decision to work with them.  Our guided tours take us anywhere from a little break across to France or a 10 day tour around Spain, Picos, along the beautiful Dalmation Coast, or up the windy roads of the Swiss Alps. The MT10 is a great small light and powerful machine that not only makes an excellent touring tool, but you can play hard on it as well.  Additions that I have added are, Comfort Seat, Genuine Yamaha rear rack and touring screen, and of course heated grips.


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