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Post COVID-19 travel and leaving the EU

How the changes affect you

First and foremost we would always suggest that you check on the Government website if in any doubt about travelling. (Learn More link below).

The new rules can be confusing and people can have different interpretations of the same information. The following information we have taken from the Government site and used what we consider relevant to our tour destinations.


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    Same rules apply as previously. Your passport should have no less than 6 months remaining and not be older than 10 years.
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    Health Care

    Currently the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is still valid but it is being replaced over time with the UK Global Insurance Health Card (GIHC) which will do the same job. This card gives you access to state-provided healthcare while in the EU, should you need it. As Switzerland and Liechtenstein are not in the EU, you are not covered in these countries with this card. We recommend in the first instance however, that you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes health care when travelling.

    If you are travelling with medication that contains 'controlled drugs' then you could be asked to provide a letter from your doctor to prove this is prescribed to you. We recommend that you carry this with you.
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    You will need a 'Green Card' from your insurance provider. This can be requested from your insurance provider and is often F.O.C (not always the case). It is proof of minimum third party liability cover for riding your motorcycle. Be prepared and ask for this early as they can often take a while to arrive.

    A GB sticker is required on your motorcycle. The old EU Symbol is no longer valid.

    You will also no longer be able to use the old paper style licence in the EU solely. You would need to obtain an International Driving Permit for the countries you are traveling in. These are available at your local post office. We recommend that you apply for a new pink ID card licence as soon as possible.
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    Mobile Roaming Charges

    Check with your mobile provider prior to travelling for confirmation. The guarantee of free mobile phone roaming throughout the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway has ended. The new laws means that you are protected from getting a mobile data charge above £45 without knowing, once reached you need to opt in to spend more. However, your provider can now change the rates for roaming if they choose to.
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    We are currently working with the advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in regards to travel throughout Europe. If you have a tour booked with us for 2023 and have any concerns at all please give us a ring Face 07809879873 or Dee 07702177636 for the latest information.

    We are unable to see into the future or predict what decision the Government or the FCO will take regarding travel or movement throughout either England or Europe. We can only work with the information we have to hand. All decision regarding any tour departures will now be made strictly at the advice of the governing bodies listed above and will be made 21 days prior to departure date.

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